Cake Decorating Basic

Celebrate With Cupcakes

Every day is a celebration with cupcakes! The ultimate versatile little cake, cupcakes and miniature cakes are popular deserts for any occasion: from casual gatherings to elegant affairs, on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, surprise parties, New Years, and more. Made from the same ingredients as large cakes, cupcakes are small cakes designed to feed a single person and can be layered, filled, iced, decorated, and personalized.


The Little Cakes that Could

The sky is the limit when it comes to cupcake flavors, cupcake creativity, and cupcake design. You can make and frost cupcakes in any flavor your taste buds desire – to top your favorite chocolate, banana, carrot, or vanilla cupcakes, consider mouth-watering icings such as peanut butter icing, caramel frosting, sweet vanilla frosting, raspberry icing, and more.


Cupcake Designs

Cupcake sizes include miniature, small, medium, large and jumbo, allowing you get creative and arrange cupcakes to form a pattern of their own! Consider a flower design made from cupcakes, cupcakes in the shape of panda bear, cupcakes which spell out your name, or use miniature as decorations for larger cakes. You can even wrap and ship a cupcake long-distance to a favorite person in your life to let them know they’re special or that you’re thinking of them today.


Cupcakes Recipes

Look for scores of cupcake recipes on the Internet, at the library, in recipe books and magazines, or on numerous online cupcake forums and blogs. In 2010 Martha Stewart put out a new recipe book entirely devoted to cupcakes where you can find rich and elegant cupcake recipes, traditional and original cupcake recipes, and quick-and-easy cupcake recipes that even children can enjoy baking. A particularly popular contemporary cupcake recipe is the “cupcake in a mug,” which is baked in a microwave oven and which takes only minutes to prepare.


Cupcake Decorating

You will thrill your guests and tickle your taste buds by creating picture-perfect, eye-popping, and mouth-watering cupcake decorations and designs. From sprinkles, sweets, chocolates, confectioners sugar, cherries, icings, marzipan, candles, ribbons, bows, edible writing and flowers, you can decorate your cupcakes with your favorite cake toppings and designs. Popular cupcake designs include princess cupcakes, butterfly cupcakes, turtle cupcakes, Spiderman cupcakes, smiley face cupcakes, personalizes cupcakes, holiday cupcakes, daisy and rose cupcakes, whimsical cupcakes and more. To proudly showcase your delectable works of art, arrange cupcakes on a decorative cake stand and display your baked goods – that is, before they get devoured by your guests!