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Ice Cream Cakes

The Perfect Frozen Desert

Looking for the perfect frozen desert recipe? Look no further than amazing ice cream cakes! Featuring ice cream and cake layered together, ice cream cakes are usually round, however today’s cake innovations have produced ice cream cakes in myriads of whimsical shapes and sizes.


Ice Cream Cake Trivia

And here is some cool historical trivia about this coolest icy desert: Ice cream cakes originated from cakes call trifles, as well as deserts made from ice cream and cookies. Victorians made “bombes,” a frozen desert comprised of ice cream and fruit in a mold, with cake or biscuits lining the bottom. The original ice cream cakes consisted of layers of ice cream alone, with centers such as fudge and cookie crumbs.


Look Like a Pro

Growing in popularity today, vogue ice cream cakes are easy to prepare, mouthwatering to look at, and fun to eat. In fact, homemade ice cream cakes will make you look like a pro! Join the ranks of well-known ice cream cake moguls such as Carvel, Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen, and other retailers.


Easiest Ice Cream Cake Recipe

1-2-3 Ice Cream Cake

– In the flavor of your choice, prepare two basic round or square cakes, or a 9×13 cake cut it in half, or your favorite cake mix.

– Once the cake is cool, spread 1 pint of ice cream, slightly softened, on one of the cake layers until it covers the cake entirely (to the edge).

– Freeze until chilled (20-30 minutes).

– Place the second cake layer on top of the ice cream later and press down gently. Alternatively, you can add a mixture of crushed cookies on top of the ice cream (or any other topping) before adding the second cake layer.

– Frost with dazzling and delectable toppings such as cool whip, chocolate sauce, white chocolate trim, chocolate drizzle, and many more. Decorate with Smarties, chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, nuts, coconut, granola, or any other creative cake and ice cream toppings.

– Return cake to the freezer until serving.


Ice Cream Cake Flavors

Try to combine cake and ice cream flavors that taste good together. Among the hundreds of combinations possible, consider the following types of ice cream cakes: Ice cream crunch cake, multi-layered ice cream cake, praline ice cream cake, rainbow sherbet ice cream cake, ice cream cake roll, brownie ice cream cake, red raspberry with raspberry Amaretto ice cream cake, vanilla velvet ice cream cake, peanut butter crunch ice cream cake, coffee ice cream cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, and many more.