Cake Decorating Basic

Anniversary Cake Decorating

Special cakes are prerequisite for any anniversary party.  There are lots of fun ways to make unique and memorable anniversary cakes.

 Go Back in Time

A memorable and simple way to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to create a replica of the couple’s original wedding cake. This should be easy to do if you have access to wedding photos because there should be at least one photo of the cake and the bride and groom with the cake.

Ask family or the happy couple what flavor the cake was and the details about the cake under the guise of asking them about their wedding.  They will be delighted and surprised when you give them an exact replica of their wedding cake to celebrate their anniversary.  This is especially memorable for couples celebrating many years of marriage.


Celebrate a Life Together

Pick memorable moments, people, or places and recreate them in the Sugarcraft. If the couple spent their honeymoon in Hawaii, create a Pineapple cake with a Hawaiian decorating theme.

If the couple got engaged at a favorite restaurant, create a cake decorated with the sign of that restaurant.  If the couple was married at Niagara Falls, create a cake shaped and decorated like a waterfall or showing a scene from Niagara Falls like the Peace Bridge or the Maid of the Mist.

If doing photograph cakes is something you’re quite good at, try making a photograph cake of a family portrait, or a portrait of the couple’s children and grandchildren. There are lots of ways that you can bring back pleasant memories for the happy couple.


Elegance and Sophistication

No matter how long the couple has been married you can’t go wrong serving an understated, elegant and sophisticated wedding cake at an anniversary party.  A traditional cake decorated with the Lambeth Method scrollwork and maybe some flowers or fresh fruit is the last word in elegance and is great for parties where there may be family, business associates, and other people attending.

Elegant cakes always make a good impression and are very appropriate for anniversary parties and as anniversary gift


.  Light cakes go better with champagne, so think of light, airy cake designs that will complement champagne and spirits when you are planning a cake to serve at an anniversary party or for an anniversary dinner.