Cake Decorating Basic

If you know that the expectant mother is going to have a little girl, there are some great baby shower cakes that you can make with little girl themes. Some of them are:

Pink Angels/Blue Angels

Use a specialty cake pan in an angel shape to create a perfect little angel cake and then decorate it with perfectly pink frosting and little pink candy hearts. Do the same thing in Blue for little boys.

Pink Booties/Blue Booties

If you’re really ambitious, you can create two round cakes then stack a small layer cake square on top of each one.  Use cake decorating tools to create a knit like texture in baby pink frosting and place some pink bows and ribbons on the top of the booties. Make the booties in blue for a boy.

Pink Bib/Blue Bib

A bib cake is very easy to do.  Make a layer cake and then trim away the edges to make a bib like shape.  Use the Wilton cake decorating method to create pink edging and ribbons and frost the whole thing in a cotton candy pink. Substitute blue for pink if making the cake for a boy.


Flower cakes are always appropriate for expectant mothers of baby girls.  Pink flowers like roses or carnations work well for girls. For boys, use sunflowers, daisies, or trees.

You can create an easy layer cake with a photo of a baby infant on it and a sun in one corner and pipe the words “Mommy’s Little Sunshine” or something similar on it to make a cute and easy baby shower cake.

Doll Cakes

Doll cakes are always a hit at baby showers for little girls.  You can use the Wilton doll pan to make Barbie style dolls for each person at the party or you can make an infant doll cake resting on a frosting blanket.  Doll cakes can be difficult to do if you are not very experienced in creating round cakes, but it can be done if you put enough time and patience into it. Doing a doll cake for a boy is a bit more difficult, but if you are doing an infant doll cake, it can be either a boy or a girl and you can create a blue frosting blanket instead of pink.

Whenever you want to make a highly decorated cake that you haven’t made before, it’s a good idea to do a “test run” and make a version of the cake well in advance of when you need to make the fancy cake so that you can work out any bugs and make sure you won’t make any mistakes on the real one.  Think of it as doing a “cake dress rehearsal.”

Doing a trial run in advance can save you a lot of stress and panic later on so experts advise that cake bakers and decorators should always practice before attempting to make a cake they have never made or decorated before.