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What is an Easy Bake Cake?

Easy bake or easy-to-bake cakes are exactly as their name implies: cakes which are super-easy to prepare and bake! There are many variants of easy bake cakes and easy cake recipes, including no-bake cakes, 1-2-3 cakes, one-minute cakes, microwave oven cakes, kid-friendly cakes, boxed cake mixes, and more. The greatest appeal of easy-to-bake cakes are their simple ingredients, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow instructions, short preparation time, minimal muss and fuss, and quick (or no) baking times.


Maximum Taste in Minimal Time

In case you are worried that taste will be sacrificed for the sake of time in easy-to-bake recipes, put your fears aside. Simply prepared cakes are just as crowd-pleasing, mouth-watering, and taste-bud-pleasing as any other cake recipes; in fact, many elegant and highly sophisticated cakes use cake mixes or easy cake recipes as their base. Martha Stewart – the professional baking diva of our times – offers several no-bake recipe ideas, including a no-bake birthday cake made from crisp rice cereal pieces filled with chocolate-marshmallow frosting.


Boxed Cake Mixes

To prepare a delicious and decorative cake without breaking a sweat, take advantage of the rapidly growing number of prepared cake mixes currently available at stores everywhere. You don’t have to be a professional baker to make a fancy cake anymore; simply add a couple of eggs and some water to almost any cake mix and – voila! A tasty cake is born.

Some of the best known and most popular cake mixes are those made by Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines. Not only do prepared cake mixes save you time and hassle, but with the newest decadent cake mix flavors hitting the market, contemporary cake mixes help you create decorative cakes that are as (or more) elegant, classy, moist, and impressive than most cakes you could bake from scratch on your own. Whose taste buds haven’t been tickled by Duncan Hines’ classic cake mixes, including the angel food cake mix, golden cake mix, moist deluxe white cake mix, classic yellow cake mix, French vanilla cake mix, devils food cake mix, and more? The new line of Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings include original flavors such as caramel cake mix, deluxe spice cake mix, apple caramel cake mix, triple chocolate cake mix, German chocolate cake mix, Swiss chocolate cake mix, classic carrot cake mix, banana supreme cake mix, pineapple supreme cake mix, moist deluxe strawberry supreme cake mix, and many more.


Adding to a Cake Mix

Many modern-day recipes actually list a prepared cake mix as one of the main ingredients, to which are added other ingredients such food coloring, chopped nuts, pudding, or marshmallows. Some recipes add toppings such as royal icing, butter cream icing, fondant icing, chocolate and vanilla icing, glaze, marzipan, and more.


Decorating Easy Bake Cakes

Just because easy bake cakes are simple to prepare doesn’t mean they appear simple or plain in design. In fact, once they have been frosted and decorated, easy bake cakes appear professional, smooth, and crafty, making them a fitting desert for formal and informal gatherings, parties, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and other get-together occasions.

When it comes to topping off your favorite kid-friendly and no-bake cakes, the sky is the limit. Kids love to decorate cakes with edible flowers, personalized messages written in edible colored marker, piped flowers, ribbons, bows, and streamers. To help you decorate your cakes like a pro, invest in cake decorating piping bags and tips, which will allow you to create petals, stars, basket-weave designs, leaves, and many more specialty decorating patterns.