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The Cupcake Craze

For awhile, people thought the cupcake craze was a trend. But it’s gone on much too long to think of this as something temporary, a fad. No. Cupcakes are here for the duration.

The cupcake thing started over ten years ago when the TV show “Sex and the City” put New York City’s Magnolia Bakery on the map. The founder of the bakery, Jennifer Appel said that it’s hard to imagine that cupcakes will ever go out of style after being popular for so long. Appel is sure she created an industry that is not going away.

Martha Stewart spotted a niche there for herself, a sure sign that cupcakes are big. In 2009, she published Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, a cookbook including recipes that run the gamut from “pistachio-raspberry tea cakes” to “gelato-topped mini-cupcakes.” When Martha devotes an entire book to one subject, you can bet your bippy it’s not just a passing trend.


Cupcake Bakeries

Blogger Rachel Kramer Bussel has blogged about the little cakes since 2004 but comments that the cupcake craze only exploded a couple of years ago. The result of the cupcake boom can be seen in the form of bakeries springing up all over the U.S. which focus on only one item: (did you guess?) cupcakes.


Personal Cupcakes

Bussel says that some people think that cupcake lust is about nostalgia, but she thinks it’s about the fact that cupcakes are so much more personal than other types of baked goods. Everyone has a favorite cupcake, so in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, you can have a large number of cupcake bakeries and they’ll all make a profit. Here are some of the crazier cupcakes you can find in U.S. bakeries, today:

*The Lucky Charms Cupcake—at Flour & Sun Bakery, located in Pleasantville, New York, customers celebrate the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day by eating vanilla and chocolate cupcakes daubed with marshmallow icing and rolled in the children’s cereal known as Lucky Charms. As the elf in the TV commercial would say, “They’re magically delicious!”

*The BLT Cupcake—can be found at More Cupcakes on Chicago, Illinois’ Gold Coast. These savory cakes are topped with candied bacon and heirloom tomatoes. Hold the lettuce, skip the bread.

*The Guinness Cupcake—from The Atlanta Cupcake Factory, in Atlanta, Georgia. At this bakery, beer is added to the chocolate cupcakes which are then topped with a Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. These are cupcakes for grownups.