Cake Decorating Basic

Starting Your Home Wedding Cake Business

If you are skilled at making and decorating cakes, then running your own cake business is a great way to make some money doing something you enjoy. If you decide to go down the business route, you will have many competitors. Cake suppliers range from huge production outfits with professional premises and thousands of clients, to the cake maker who works from her (or his!) kitchen, producing a smaller number cakes for clients in the local area. Wedding cake businesses are very popular, because people who sell wedding cakes often make very good money.


Why Wedding Cakes?

Wedding cakes sell for high prices, even $500 or more, but they cost a LOT less than that to make. The skill and talents of the cake maker are what push up the price. Brides are prepared to pay high prices for a first-class cake on the most special day of their lives.

Professionally made cakes are now the norm at weddings. Moreover, even today, it’s still very, very rare for a bride to forgo altogether the tradition of having a cake. Whereas parents are generally happy to have a go at making a cake for a child’s birthday party, only a very confident mother-of-the-bride is willing to be responsible for the cake on her daughter’s big day. She has too many other things to think about. This is why good professional wedding cake makers nearly always have work.


Choosing Your Niche

If you think you are practiced enough to meet the high standards expected of wedding cakes, you need to begin by deciding where you’re going to place yourself in this competitive market. You should think about the people in your local area – what type of cakes have you seen at recent weddings? Traditional? Contemporary? There’s no point in producing cakes with ultra-modern black and silver icing if what your potential customers like is a white cake with a pink ribbon and a mini bride-and-groom on top.


Gathering Ideas And Making A Portfolio

Visiting wedding shows, at first as a guest and then later to display your own wares, is a great way of getting inspiration as well as advertizing your services. To successfully market your cakes at a show, you need to bring tasters and a portfolio of your work.

This means that if you haven’t already been taking photos of your cakes over the years, you need to start now. Combine these photos with short descriptions of each cake, the techniques used, retail price, etc. Have a printed version of your portfolio professionally laminated and bound, for showing to potential customers, and an electronic version that you can send by email, allowing clients to peruse your creations at their leisure.


Looking For Partners

There a many elements to a great wedding, and therefore many service providers who see to it that all these requirements are met. Such people include: wedding planners, DJs, florists, photographers, entertainers, hotel managers, restaurant owners, etc. Perhaps some of them would be interested in working with you – promoting your business to their clients as long as you return the favor.


Work Your Way Up

It’s important at the launch of any home business not to over stretch yourself at the very beginning. Be realistic about how much time you have and what you can achieve. Think how many people attend an average wedding – if your cake isn’t first class – a LOT of people will know about it, even if it’s only a one-time mistake. That’s why it’s best to start small and work your way up to bigger and better things.