Cake Decorating Basic

Making Sugar Free Icing


Sometimes, in order to accommodate people’s dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices, you need to make sugar free cakes or sugar free cake icing. When that need arises, how can you make your favorite icing sugar free or suitable for people with sugar restrictions?

There are a few substitutes that you can use when you need to make your favorite icing sugar free or with less sugar. You can use Splenda, which is a sugar free sweetener that is derived from the sugar cane plant so that it has a lot of the properties that sugar has but it’s acceptable for those on reduced sugar or sugar free diets.

You can use other sugar replacements like Sweet N Low, but sometimes the consistency of those sweeteners is very different from sugar and it could change the consistency of your icing, so do a trial run first when using another sugar substitute.


Good Sugar Substitutes

If you need to sweeten a cake but can’t use sugar, instead of frosting, use a simple glaze of fruit juice and water.  The natural sugar in the fruit juice will give the cake the sweetness that you need and having a little bit of glaze on the cake will be better than having a cake without any frosting.  You can also use pureed fruit instead of frosting to dress up and sweeten the cake without using sugar.

Whenever possible, you should find out in advance if anyone that will be eating the cake or attending the party has special dietary concerns so that you can make a special cake that they can enjoy.

Most people who have such restrictions will let you know in advance and will usually offer to bring a dish or a dessert that they can have to make sure their particular needs are met.  It’s not rude to take them up on their offer to bring their own dessert if you are worried that you might not be able to accommodate their dietary restrictions.