Cake Decorating Basic

No matter what the occasion may be, there are hundreds of choices for cake decorating ideas.  You can choose a simple, elegant cake decorating design, or a very ornate and intricate cake decorating design, or even a fun, offbeat, or humorous cake decorating design. The only limit is your own imagination and, of course, your cake decorating skills.



So you have a big party or event coming up and you want to make a really special cake. Where do you go to look for ideas? Inspiration is all around you! Cakes can be made and decorated to look like anything you can imagine. You can get inspiration from the season of the year, a favorite movie, a favorite photo, a favorite quote, even your favorite sweater!

The Internet is another great source of inspiration.  There are thousands of websites dedicated to Sugarcraft and cake decorating.  You can join an online community of cake decorating enthusiasts and pick up ideas for cakes and discuss ways to make those cakes a reality.

You can shop for supplies, or books and videos on cake decorating that will show you step by step how to make that perfect cake.  You can even go on a video sharing site like YouTube for video instructions on making a stunning cake.


Other Sources Of Ideas

Need more inspiration? Head down to your local craft store.  Many craft stores hold classes on cake decorating in the three most popular cake decorating methods that could be inspirational and teach you the skills you need to know in order to decorate a gorgeous cake.

If you don’t want to take a class, browse through the aisles of cake decorating equipment and find inspiration among the Wilton specialty cake pans, free decorating instruction sheets, and other items that might trigger a flash of cake decorating genius.

You can also turn to TV for ideas on cake decorating. Check out the Food Network and shows like Ace of Cakes for ideas and instructions on making phenomenal looking cakes that taste great too. The Food Network website also has a lot of recipes and photos to help with cake decorating.