Cake Decorating Basic

Simple Cake Decorating Ideas


So you want to learn to decorate cakes?

Do you just want to make a simple cake for your child’s birthday or are you thinking of something a lot more elaborate? If you check out our site you will find lots of ideas. You will be able to learn a wide variety of decorating techniques and gradually get confident in designing your own cakes.

Even if you are just a novice at baking you can still make a simple cake and decorate it.

Very Simple Ideas

You can make or even buy a cake, cut out a paper stencil with a simple design e.g. your child’s age, put it on the cake and shake icing sugar over it. Remove the paper and voila – you’ve decorated your first cake!

Make an easy frosting, also called icing, from butter or margarine and icing sugar or regular sugar and spread that over a cake. Put some M&M’s or chocolate buttons in a pattern on the top and that’s also decorating a cake.

Cup Cakes

If you can make cup cakes you can decorate them with chocolate chips or sprinkle regular sugar on the top before baking them in the oven. Alternatively once they are baked and cooled you can top them with frosting and put sprinkles or jelly beans on the top.

Slab Cake

If you make a slab cake – that is a cake you cook in a rectangular pan – you can turn it into a football or soccer field just by covering it with green icing and using white chocolate chips to mark out the yard lines and goal posts. Why not buy goals from the toy store and put them on the cake to make it even more realistic?

You can also turn a slab cake into a train engine, a car, a doll or whatever shape you fancy. Draw the design on paper first and cut it out. Assemble the paper pattern so you can make sure you get it how you want it before actually cutting the cake pieces. Then measure the cake, cut it into a few pieces to make the shape you want. All you have to do then is to build and decorate the cake.

Car Cake

If for example you want to make a simple car you need a large piece of cake, with a smaller piece on top, plus four circles. These circles could even be made out of cookies or large round candies. You also need some frosting, and/or jelly or chocolate spread for the filling. To assemble the cake you just use the frosting as a glue to stick the two main pieces of cake together. Round off the corners of the cake so it isn’t quite so square and cover the cake with the rest of the frosting. Then add one circle of cake or cookies to each corner as the wheels. There you have a car birthday cake – as far as your four year old is concerned!

So now you’ve started to cake decorate, check out the rest of our site for more great ideas!