Cake Decorating Basic

If you want to complete your cake masterpieces with the most scrumptious, appetizing, mouth-watering and delectable cake toppings, check out magazines on cake decorating, look up recipe books at the library, or search the Internet for scores of easy-to-find cake topping recipes and cake decorating ideas in print form or in “How To” videos.

Cake Icings and Frostings

In the art of cake decorating, the terms “icing” and “frosting” are interchangeable. Some cake call for a particular type of frosting that suits a specific cake, while other recipes let you select the cake icing of your choice. Cake frostings and icings can be multi-colored and can be piped to create shapes such as lines, flowers, ribbons, and myriads of other fanciful decorations and designs.


Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream icing or frosting – made from butter, icing sugar, and flavoring – is a cake topping favorite due its smooth texture and the ease with which it spreads. For extra texture and thickness, some buttercream frostings add milk or eggs.

You can add flavoring to your basic buttercream icing recipe to produce vanilla, chocolate, mocha, coconut, and almond frostings. Cream cheese frosting – a popular cheesecake topping – is a creamier and denser version of buttercream frosting. To add some color and spice to cream cheese frosting, mix in orange, chocolate, or lavender flavorings.


Homemade Icing/Frosting

Most homemade cake frostings require careful boiling of ingredients until they reach a certain thickness. Some cake recipes call for a thick icing, while others call for a light and runny icing known as a glaze. Surprisingly, simple glazes are some of the best toppings for rich and elegant cakes.


Fondant Icing

Fondant (also known as “rolling icing”) is the most popular cake frosting among professional cake decorators since it is extremely flexible, it can be rolled out and cut into myriads of decorative shapes, and its texture holds its shape superbly. Made by boiling sugar and water together (with the occasional addition of cream of tartar to produce a smooth look and the proper crystallization), fondant is frequently used to decorate gourmet cakes.


Glazes and Flat Icings

A glaze or flat icing is a thin, watery icing that hardens when brushed or poured over cakes and cupcakes. Made from powdered sugar and water, this simplest icing adds flavor to your favorite cake recipes. You can make chocolate, coffee, and fruit-flavored glazes.


Foam Icing

The most well-known foam icing is a meringue, whose prime ingredient is whipped egg whites, giving this cake topping its soft and fluffy appearance. You can also add chocolate, vanilla, or lemon flavoring to a meringue.


Fudge Icing

Chocolate lovers are crazy about this thick, rich, chocolate flavored frosting, which kids love to make at home. You can produce special homemade fudge frosting flavors by adding peanut butter, mint, almonds, and more.


More Tasty Cake Toppings

You can never go wrong with the following tasty cake toppings, which are often added on top of cake icings to produce mouth-watering deserts:

– Caramel Sauce

– Butterscotch Sauce

– Strawberry/Raspberry Sauce

– Chocolate Drizzle

– Whipped Cream

– Sprinkles and Sugars

– Nuts

– Candies

– Cinnamon Crumble Topping

– Coconut

– Edible Sugar Diamonds

– Colored Piping Gels (squeezable gel tubes that can be used to create customized cake designs, including flowers, letters, pictures, and more)

– Edible Colored Markers, allowing you draw/transfer designs on top of fondants and cake icings

– Edible Gold Dragees, or colored metallic balls used to accent cake designs