Cake Decorating Basic

If you are going to be decorating cakes frequently or you want to practice decorating cakes there are some tools and equipment that you should have in your kitchen at all times.  If your kitchen is always fully stocked with these supplies then you won’t need to worry about running out of supplies at a crucial moment.

Disposable Pastry Bags



Disposable pastry bags are used for the Lambeth and Australian Method using royal icing and sometimes for the Wilton method. You will go through many, many disposable pastry bags so always keep a good number of them around.  Buying in bulk will save money in the long run.  Look for businesses that sell wholesale to bakeries and kitchens to get the best deal on bulk orders


Revolving Cake Stand

In order to properly trim your cake to prepare it for decorating and to decorate the edges of your cake you need a revolving cake stand.


Cake Mixes

Most professional bakers and the experts at Wilton recommend Duncan Hines cake mixes.  Having a full stock of different types and flavors of cake mixes on hand will make it easy to whip up a cake when necessary or to start over if you make a mistake.


Spatulas and Trimmers

You will need flat cake spatulas and trimmers in a variety of sizes to help you get  your cakes into exactly the right shape before decorating so stock up when you find sales at home stores or cookware stores.


Cake Boards

Cake boards are extra strong corrugated cardboard trays that you can place your cakes on. If you plan on taking your cakes anywhere you will need cake boards to transport them. Keep them on hand in a variety of sizes.



You will need lots of fondant when decorating cakes so it’s a good idea to always have a lot of it around.


Tips and Tubes

You will need decorating tubes and the accompanying tips for decorating whenever the decorations call for using something finer than a pastry bag.  You can buy tubes and tips in large sets, which will give you a wide range of sizes but you should keep 2 of each size on hand in case one gets lost.