Cake Decorating Basic

Cake Accessories

To help decorate, display, trim, slice, serve, transport, beautify, and personalize cakes of all types, the baking industry has developed full lines of baking accessories and specialty products that will help each of your cakes achieve picture perfection.


Basic Cake Baking Accessories

Leaving the glamour and glitz aside, there are certain common cake baking accessories every baker should have at their disposal. Some basic cake-baking tools include:

•- Covered Mixing Bowl Set

•- All-Purpose Spatula

•- Measuring Spoon Set

•- Liquid Measuring Cup

•- Flour/Sugar Containers

•- Egg Separator

•- Pastry Brush

•- Whisk

•- Non-stick spray or Cake Release spray

•- Non-stick parchment or wax paper

•- Cake Leveler/Cake Knife


Cake Decoration Accessories


Select from: number candles, musical candles, smiley face candles, thick candles, thin candles, textured-spiral candles, Happy Birthday candle pick set, and candle holders an array of bright colors to protect your cake and keep candles secure.

Writing Icings

You can purchase icing plaques and sugar plaques in all shapes and colors that say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, and feature themes such as holidays, sports, cartoons, flowers, and many more. Alternatively, you can write your own message on a cake using tubes of specialized writing icing, or simply spell out your message using icing number and alphabet letter sets. Today’s innovations in baking accessories include a Happy Birthday motto plaque that stands up instead of laying flat.



Cake decorating edibles will leave a great taste in your guests’ mouths and showcase your excellent taste in cake decorating. Contemporary cake edibles include:

•- Edible coloring pens, allowing you to draw a design or write a message that can be consumed

•- Icing Sugar

•- Edible Dusting Colors

•- Edible Glitter and Sparkles

•- Edible Beads and Jewels

•- Marzipan

•- Edible Icing Flowers

•- Edible Food Coloring and Spray Colors


More Cake Decorating Accessories

You can complete your cake decorating collection with the following cake paraphernalia:

•- Bake Even Strips (designed to produce level cakes and prevent high-rise cake centers, cracked tops and over-cooked edges)

•- Cake Stands (including round and square-base cake stands, multi-tier cake stands, cupcake stands, crystal cake stand, and more)

•- Cake Doilies

•- Cake Boards (strong corrugated cardboard trays for cake transport)

To transport or gift-wrap your baked piéce de resistance, you can add an extra decorative touch with specialty cake boxes wrapped in cellophane and ribbons, or cake slice favor bags and boxes which allow you to hand out single cake slices at parties, weddings, or other occasions.