Cake Decorating Basic

Cakes for Birthdays

Birthdays are occasions where people pull out all the stops and try to make wonderful cakes for their loved ones.  But there are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning a birthday cake. Is the cake for a large party? If so, you’ll need a large cake. Who is the party for? Does that person have any allergies or dietary restrictions?



Those are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when you start planning a birthday cake for someone else. Of course, if it’s your own cake then you can go crazy and plan exactly what you like! But if the cake is for someone else then try to take that person’s likes and dislikes into account.



If you are making a birthday cake for a party where there will be a large and diverse crowd, you may want to make several cakes of different flavors and with different ingredients.  To keep some cohesion, you can keep all the cakes in line with the theme of the party while making one that the birthday person will like, one with vegan ingredients, one that is sugar free, or whatever the case may be.
You can never have too much cake at a birthday party.



If the party is for small children or if there will be small children at the birthday party, you might want to make some cupcakes since a full slice of cake is often too much sugar for little ones to handle.  A great way to keep kids busy at a birthday party is to bake a few dozen plain cupcakes then whip up some frostings in different flavors and colors and set out a buffet of topics.  Let the kids decorate their own cupcakes and then eat them. It will keep them busy and out of trouble and they will have a great time doing it.

Cupcakes are great for older children who may not want to eat a lot of cake.  Some simple cupcakes and pizza may be better than a fancy, but kiddie-style cake, for a middle schooler who wants a more “sophisticated” birthday party this year.


Adult Cake

If the birthday cake is for an adult, it’s probably a good idea to make at least one low fat or sugar free cake since there is a good chance that at least some of the people at the party will be watching their weight or will need to limit their sugar intake. Making a sugar free or low fat cake will allow everyone to join in the fun and it will surely be appreciated.

The same rule applies when you are making a birthday cake for the people at the office. Since you don’t want to offend anyone or leave anyone out, make two cakes; one regular and one low fat or sugar free, or have one person make one cake and one person make the other so that there are options for the people who work in the office when it comes to birthday cake.