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Boys’ Birthday Cakes

Need to find a special birthday cake for a beloved little boy? There are thousands of ways to make a very special birthday cake for boys.  No matter how young or how old, boys love toys, so any toy themed cake is going to be a surefire hit.  Some other popular cakes for boys include:


No matter what sport is “his” sport, a little boy will love a sports themed birthday cake.  Make a cake that has balls and equipment from all different sports or pick one specific sport and make a cake celebrating that sport. A sheet cake with three dimensional images is always a hit with little boys.

Personalize it too; create an image of the birthday boy on the cake wearing his own personalized jersey.  Or make a cake in the shape of a football, or a soccer ball, or a basketball, and put his name on it.

You can make a cake that has a team photo of his favorite team on it.  Or copy the signature of his favorite athlete and make an “autographed” cake with best wishes for the birthday boy.

Another fun but very ambitious sports related cake idea is to make a cake that looks like a stadium, and on the “playing field” put the little boy playing as a member of his favorite team in whatever sport he enjoys.  A cake like that would be far too advanced for beginning cake decorators but an experienced cake decorator could do a fantastic job with such a cake.

Not all sports involve balls and bats.  Does your little boy like motor sports? Water sports? Skiing or snowmobiling? Try to incorporate those images into a fun cake.  For a winter sports cake, use an ice cream base for extra fun.

How about video games? Is your boy a video game fanatic? Make a sheet cake that is decorated to look like a Guitar Hero Guitar.  Use a specialty cake pan to create his favorite video game character or landscape.  If your son is a World of Warcraft fan, use some of the great World of Warcraft fan art to create a World of Warcraft landscape complete with races of the Horde or the Alliance, whichever your child prefers.

Video game and sports game cakes are popular with grown up boys too!  Boys of all ages love sports so you can’t go wrong with a sports themed birthday cake for boys.



Making a three dimensional cake out of your little boy’s favorite toy like his Tonka truck or his little red wagon will be a great crowd pleaser. For parents who are more ambitious and more experienced at cake decorating, attempting to recreate in three dimensions a toy like a Transformer or robot can be an interesting challenge.

To make an army cake for your boy, bake a sheet cake and decorate it in lots of dark icings with lots and lots of trees and three dimensional frosting hills. Place lots of little green plastic armies around all the cake to look like soldiers out in the field.  Your little boy will love it and the kids can keep the little green army men as party favors.


Stuffed Animals

If toy cakes aren’t really what interests him, try making a cake to resemble his favorite stuffed animal.  A teddy bear, a horse, a lizard, all kinds of stuffed animals can be created in cake to make a party cake that the kids will love and the parents will marvel at.



Is your little boy a cartoon watcher? Lots of craft stores sell patterns, plastic toys, and other cake decorating accessories with popular cartoon characters on them.  You can also get specialty cake pans shaped like your son’s favorite cartoon characters to make it easy to make a cake of his favorite cartoon character.

Make one cake of his favorite that’s just for him, and then make the other characters on that series for the guests. It will make him feel extra special to have a cake that is just his own.


Cars and Trucks

Little boys love fast cars and big trucks.  Big boys love them too! Make a racecar shaped cake or a cake with his favorite model of truck on it and watch his eyes light up. To make the cake more fun, draw an image of him in icing driving the car or truck.

There are no limits to the kinds of cakes that you can create to please a young or old boy.  Use your imagination and all the resources around you and you will be sure to come up with a fun, interesting, unique cake that your boy will love no matter how old or young he is.