Cake Decorating Basic

Classical Adult Birthday Cakes

Elegant and Traditional

If the birthday party is formal or there will a mix of business and social acquaintances at the party, you may want to choose a formal, elegant and traditional birthday cake.  Cakes that are elegant and traditional most often use the Lambeth Method or the Australian Method and are decorated in ornate piping with decorations like pearls, ribbons, and fresh flowers.

A popular simple and elegant birthday cake design is to make a white cake with white fondant icing and then use the Lambeth Method to pipe on three dimensional scrollwork in pink, red or in white and then garnish the cake with fresh fruit.

Since you are keeping the design of the cake simple when you use a more elegant and traditional cake decoration, a nice way to make the cake stand out is to use exotic flavors or combine exotic ingredients to give the cake some punch.  Instead of using a plain white cake mix to make the cake base, use a white chocolate or a French vanilla cake and instead of using plain icing for the piping and decoration use French vanilla icing or some other flavor.


The Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes and birthdays go hand in hand but just because you want to create a chocolate cake doesn’t mean that cake needs to be a plain old chocolate cake.  Use exotic chocolates like Vosges Haut Chocolates to create exotic cakes flavored with coconut chocolate curry, or wasabi and chocolate, or red chili peppers and chocolate.  Use high quality chocolates and exotic ingredients to make and decorate a decadent chocolate cake.

There are many ways to twist traditional birthday cake styles and make them much more personal and modern to suit anyone’s taste and still look beautiful.