Cake Decorating Basic

Birthday Cakes for Girls

“Sugar and spice and everything nice” is exactly what birthday cakes for little girls are made of. Making cakes for little girls can be a lot of fun, especially when you make a cake that is in the theme of a fun birthday party.  There are so many fun cakes to make for little girls that they could never all be listed, but here are a few ideas that are always popular.

Pretty in Pink

Little girls love anything pink, so stock up on pink icing to make the perfect little girl cake.  A simple pink cake with lots of pretty three dimensional flowers is always a classic little girl cake idea, but if you want to go more modern then go with a bright hot pink motif.  A bright pink “Powder Puff” cake with a circular cake sculpted to look like a jar of powder with a fluffy pink whipped cream puff on top is always fun for middle school girls who have just discovered the joys of playing in mommy’s makeup.

A Pink Fairy cake made up of a sheet cake with delicate green frosting and icing trees and flowers filled with delicate little pink fairies flitting through the trees is a beautiful way to celebrate a little girl’s birthday.


Older girls love fashion and makeup, so make a cake in the shape of a dress, a purse, and a pair of shoes or other fun fashion accessory.  A cake shaped like a lipstick tube or eye shadow compact would be a real hoot! Bake a sheet cake, section it off into small sections and use different colored icings to create the look of eyeshadows or lipsticks.  Your older girl will love it!


From My Little Ponies to the real thing, every little girl loves horses. You could make a cake featuring unicorns or other mythical horses.  Or you could make a fun horse themed cake with a decoration of a barn or a pasture with a horse inside.  For a real challenge, try making a cake in the shape of a horse with a rider and decorate it in real life colors.  Or make a cake that looks like a saddle, or a riding helmet or even riding boots.  The possibilities are endless.

Princesses and Brides

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and every little girl dreams of her wedding day.  Make a lavish princess or bride cake by using the Wilton doll cake pan to create a three dimensional doll with an edible cake dress.  If it’s going to be a large party then make a queen or princess doll for your little girl and a bunch of other doll cakes to be her royal court.


Little girls love cartoons too, although they usually like different cartoon characters. Cakes featuring cartoon characters like the Power Puff Girls, the Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, and other favorite girl’s characters are a surefire hit at any little girl’s birthday party.

Fairy Tales

Does your little girl love fairy tales? Create a cake that is straight out of a fairy tale and looks like a fairy tale castle complete with a wishing well and a frog waiting to be kissed.  Or, make a cake featuring the fairy tale heroine of female empowerment, the Paper Bag Princess.  Bring your little girl’s favorite fairy tale to life and make her birthday party extra special.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating flower cakes. A daisy cake or a sunflower cake using a round cake as the middle of the flower and smaller shaped cakes as the petals make beautiful birthday cakes that any girl would love.  Another great idea for a flower cake is to make one cake that resembles a dozen roses, or carnations, or whatever the birthday girl’s favorite flowers are.

Tea Parties

Doesn’t every little girl love having tea parties? Instead of having one large birthday cake for your little girl, create an elegant tea party with dozens of small, delicate, ornate cakes and pastries to accompany the girl’s tea.

Or you could have one large cake that is very ornate and decorated in the Lambeth Method with lots of pretty pink overpiping on a white frosted cake, or add small, delicate white pearls to a pale pink frosted cake covered with icing roses.  Think of the most elegant and glamorous and feminine cake designs you can and then miniaturize them to individual cakes that the girls can use to play tea party with.

Kitties and Puppies

Little girls love household pets like dogs and cats almost as much as horses.  Create a cake shaped like a cat or dog and then decorate it to look like the family pet for a cake that is sure to make your little girl smile.  You could also make a cake in the shape of a basket of kittens sleeping, or a puppy romping in the grass.

Pets make great cake themes and they are fairly easy to decorate so making a kitty or puppy cake would be a good choice for someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience decorating cakes. You can even take a photo of your child with a favorite pet and have that image recreated in icing on the cake.  Kids love photos and having a favorite photo on their birthday cake would be a great birthday surprise.