Cake Decorating Basic

Some people like to have birthday cakes for their kids that are gender specific and some people like to have birthday cakes that aren’t.  There are thousands of choices for cakes in both categories, so here are some fun ideas for kids’ birthday cakes that are gender neutral.




Everyone loves fish, right? A cake decorated to look like a fishbowl with fish swimming around in it is a great birthday cake idea for kids.  Another great aquatic themed cake is a cake shaped like a dolphin, a walrus, a penguin, a fish, or other sea creatures and sea mammals.

Wilton specialty cake pans in animal shapes can make it easy to bake a cake in an animal shape and then you can use some creative icing techniques to create realistic looking frosting skin and details for the animal.


The Jungle

Rainforest cakes with lots of trees and tropical animals like birds, and exotic animals like big cats and lizards are always a hit with the younger crowd.  To make a great looking Jungle or Rainforest cake, start with a sheet cake to give you the room to create all the animals and trees.  Start by creating frosting trees and then create either frosting animals or use little plastic animals to complete the scene.


The Circus

Get some clowns to help celebrate the birthday! A cake filled with clowns in different colored clothes and with lots of different expressions will please any group of kids.

For a more exotic look, create an elephant shaped cake and mix up gray icing to make the elephant look more realistic.  To make things really fun, bake a small individual sized clown shaped cake for each child and let the children decorate their clown cake the way they like.



If the cake is for a summer birthday, make a unique cake shaped like a kite, complete with little individual cakes for the tail.  This is a great way to feed a large group of kids and still make a cake that the kids will love.  For more fun, have the kids make their own kites out of paper plates, craft materials, and strings and let them run outside and fly a kite after they ingest all that sugary cake and birthday punch or juice!