Cake Decorating Basic

Graduation Cake Decorating

Graduations are all about new beginnings and hope, so graduation cakes should be cheerful and fun; a way to commemorate a student’s success as they move forward in life.  Making graduation cakes can be a way to send the graduate off to new life adventures with a bang. Here are some fun ideas for making graduation cakes:

Party Hat Cakes

Make graduation an event for everyone with individual party hat cakes.  Individual cakes are always a nice party idea because then guests can serve themselves and if someone wants seconds they have their own cake. To add a personal touch, put each person’s name on a party hat cake or let guests decorate their own party hat cakes.


Traditional Graduation Cakes

The traditional graduation cakes are, of course, cap and gown cakes, or mortarboard cakes.  Why not add a unique spin to a traditional cake and make a cake in the shape of a person and decorate the cake to look like the graduate? Wilton specialty cake pans can make it easy to create an interesting and unique cake that isn’t difficult to decorate.


Diploma Cake

A diploma cake is a fun twist on the idea of traditional graduation cakes. Make a sheet cake and decorate it with an off white frosting to make it look like parchment.  Fray the edges with frosting and then use cake decorating tools to replicate the graduate’s diploma even down the signatures of the school officials.



Find out what the traditional symbols are of the subject that person has received a degree in.  If it’s a high school graduation then make a cake that is decorated to look like a stack of books with a mortarboard and tassel on top in the school colors.

If it’s a college degree, decorate the cake with symbols associated with whatever subject the degree is in. For example if the degree is in early childhood education, create a cake with little children on it; if the degree is in science, create a cake with a beaker and a Bunsen burner on it.

Graduation cakes can be a nice opportunity to try out new and different decorating ideas so have fun with the graduation cake you make and try something totally different and unique.