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Holiday Cake Decorating


Fun and festive is the order of the day when you are planning holiday cakes. Holiday cakes give cake designers a chance to play around with holiday themes and take a little dramatic license, so go crazy with your holiday cakes and see how different and unique you can make your own holiday cakes. Here are some holiday cake ideas to get you started.

Kid Friendly

If you have kids it’s important to keep your cakes kid friendly, meaning that a lot of intricate decoration is probably not a good idea. Using the Wilton methods and the Wilton specialty pans is a fantastic way to make pretty, decorative and unusual holiday cakes that your kids will like too.

A great Halloween kid friendly cake is the Jack O’ Lantern cake. Made from two bundt cakes piled on top of one another, this unique cake can be drenched in orange icing and decorated with black piping to look like a real Jack O’ Lantern. This is a great cake for school parties because it’s interesting and fun and can be sliced into many easy to handle kid size pieces.

For Easter, an easy to make but pretty and kid-friendly cake to make is an Easter basket cake. Make a bundt cake and in the middle place a shallow cup lined with Easter basket grass. Decorate the outside of the bundt with a basket weave pattern. In the center section where the cup is, place candy, colored eggs, or small plastic toys. Create some “handles” from reed straws tied with ribbons and you have a beautiful Easter theme cake.

To make a kid friendly Christmas cake, bake a layer cake and then section it. Stack the layers on top of one another and decorate them all like presents. The present cake is a fun, easy, and colorful cake for the holidays.

Adult Holiday Cakes

There are also some unique and fun holiday cakes for adults. For Christmas, an Eggnog cake decorated in Christmas colors is a lot of fun. For Valentine’s Day, an exotic chocolate cake made with lots of exotic chocolate and dripping with chocolate icing and fresh strawberries is very romantic. For Halloween, make a devil’s food cake in the shape of an actual devil and cover it with red icing.

If you use your imagination and play on some of the traditional holiday themes associated with each holiday, you can come up with your own unique signature cake for each holiday.

If you are really good at holiday cakes you might want to consider opening your own cake decorating business. There are many people who will pay a lot of money to have beautiful holiday cakes because they don’t have the time or skill to make their own holiday cakes.