Cake Decorating Basic

There are  lot of cake decorating books that can be found in bookstores and on the Internet, so how do you know which books are high quality and which aren’t? Well, you can read book reviews on websites like to see what other cake decorators thought of a particular book before you buy it.

You can also join an online cake decorator’s community with a community forum. Through the forum, you can find out what other cake decorators thought about a particular book or a book series and get recommendations from experienced cake decorators about choosing the best books for beginning cake decorators.

Or you can check out the book from the local library, since that way if the book isn’t helpful it didn’t cost you anything. But the library may not have a great selection of books on cake decorating.

It’s a good idea to check out the local craft store too. The staff there will be able to tell you which books are good for the level of cake decorating that you’re at and you can browse through the books they sell to find one that you like.  Buying locally means you won’t have to wait for the book to arrive in the mail.

Usually, professional cake decorators recommend Wilton series books for people who want to learn more about cake decorating because the Wilton name is really the premier name in Sugarcraft and cake decorating.