Cake Decorating Basic

Looking for new and innovative patterns that you can use to decorate cakes but not sure where to find them? There are lots of ways to find great new patterns to try out when decorating cakes!


If you head down to the local craft store or local bookstore you will find hundreds of books that are full of patterns you can use to decorate cakes.  There are Wilton School books that have commonly used cake decorating patterns and there are other books that offer cake decorating patterns broken down by subject, like patterns for holiday cakes, patterns for birthday cakes, and so on.



If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a pattern book then check out some culinary magazines. Often, magazines will offer a series of recipes or patterns that readers can use to try at home. Also, if they feature a cake or a cake style in the magazine they will usually give the information about how that cake was made in the credits of the magazine.


Friends and Family

Spend an afternoon gabbing with your friends and collect their favorite cake decorating patterns and decorating ideas. You can use the ones you want to and you can even compile them in a little cookbook or pattern book of your own and give them to your friends and family as holiday or birthday gifts.


The Internet

If you are looking for a great resource to find cake decorating patterns for specific cakes and also for general theme cakes then you can’t go wrong on the Internet. There are many communities of cake decorators and bakers where people share their ideas and cake decorating tips for a huge variety of cakes. When you are looking for inspiration or a pattern for a cake for a special occasion, surf the Internet first and you should be able to find a great pattern for free.


You Own Imagination

The best resource that you have when it comes to patterns for cake decorating is your own imagination! Dream up some ideas and then sit down with a pencil and paper and plan out how to make them reality. Practice a few times and don’t be afraid to get the kitchen dirty. You could come up with a really amazing and totally unique cake decorating pattern that others will want to copy from you.