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Sugar Crafting

Sugarcrafting is a term that is usually used to describe anything related to the art of cake decorating.  People who are in the cake decorating profession use the term “Sugarcrafting” to refer to all aspects of cake decorating but the term has another definition too.

Sugarcrafting is the term for a particular type of cake decorating technique that is usually associated with the really elaborate cakes where the cake designers and decorators create ornate 3-D pieces to decorate the cake.

Normally you wouldn’t see the kind of decorating that constitutes “Sugarcrafting” on a cake that is made for your neighbor’s four year old’s birthday party but you would see it in some of the cake decorating competitions where cake decorators create masterpieces of confectionary skill or in really elaborate wedding cakes.

In the past, when women were expected to be responsible for all things domestic, the art of Sugarcrafting was highly competitive and women were expected to create works of edible art at every feast or fancy occasion that called for a cake.

These days, Sugarcrafters can be men or women and the stakes for professional Sugarcrafters are high. Often in cake decorating competitions, the cake decorators and designers can win hundreds of thousands of dollars, a chance to host their own TV shows on cake decorating, or highly lucrative book and endorsement deals.



Sugarcrafters are in high demand to create specialty cakes for weddings and formal events, but also increasingly people are hiring professional Sugarcrafters to create masterpiece cakes for over the top Sweet Sixteen parties and other coming of age parties that occur in different cultures.  There is fierce competition among Sugarcrafters to build up impressive portfolios and a solid reputation because cakes for weddings, parties, and other festive occasions can cost thousands of dollars.

These days, people are rediscovering the beauty of Sugarcrafting and are willing to pay for Sugarcraft artists to create unique works of art for their special occasions.  Modern Sugarcrafters are reviving centuries old techniques of cake decorating and proving that the old methods are the best when it comes to creating wonderful edible confectionary art.