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Wedding Cakes Decorating

Wedding cakes are one wedding tradition that everyone loves.  The wedding cake is central to the wedding reception and no matter how formal or informal the wedding is, the wedding cake plays a huge part in the celebration of the marriage.



Wedding cakes are also high art in the Sugarcrafting world.  Wedding cakes are known for their ornate decorations and elaborate design. Many wedding cakes stand 5 feet tall or higher and often have cascading designs that bakers and decorators spend months perfecting.  One of the first things that a new bride-to- be picks out is her wedding cake.  And wedding cakes are one part of the wedding that people spare no expense on.  Part high art and part Sugarcraft, the wedding cake is seen as a symbol of the new couple’s life together, an omen of the future, and an expression of the couple’s personality.

So a wedding cake needs to convey many things, which is partly why wedding cakes are so expensive.   A traditional simple wedding cake usually costs around $600 and the prices climb rapidly for highly decorative or ornate wedding cake styles, personalized wedding cakes, exotic ingredients, and the number of guests at the wedding.  It is not unusual for brides to pay thousands of dollars for a wedding cake.



Wedding cake styles change from season to season but the most sought after wedding cake designers are usually the ones who design cakes for the weddings of the rich and famous.  With a budget of $10,000 or more, these designers create haute couture wedding cakes with fresh exotic flowers, fine jewels, and other details that make their cakes part Sugarcraft and part fantasy.

Wedding cakes are almost always tiered cakes, and the tiers are worked into the design of the overall cake. The tradition of using tiered cakes for wedding cakes dates back to Medieval Europe when each guest at the wedding was expected to bring a small cake as a gift.

The cakes would be stacked upon one another and if the bride and groom could kiss over the cake tops it was supposedly an omen of good luck.  The idea of these stacked cakes eventually became the tiered wedding cake that brides use today all over the world. Wedding cake toppers featuring a bride and groom, or other fun wedding images, are often placed on the top of the wedding cake to personalize it.

Many modern brides are shying away from expensive cakes and are moving towards using cupcakes and small individual cakes like cupcakes to keep their expenses low and to make things more convenient for their guests.