Cake Decorating Basic

Traditional wedding shower cakes were very feminine and romantic with lots of pink icing, white pearls, ribbons, and other feminine touches.  The Lambeth Method is often used to decorate traditional wedding shower cakes and brides that are very feminine will probably enjoy having an old fashioned traditional wedding shower cake.

However, in recent years, many brides wishing to express their own individuality have moved away from serving traditional wedding shower cakes at showers and instead have opted for cakes that are fun and modern and express their own unique artistic sense.

Since many brides and bridesmaids are watching their figures to fit into the gowns for the wedding and other guests may also be on diets, serving individual fancy cupcakes has become a trend for wedding showers. Petit fours are another popular trend for wedding shower cakes.



For brides that like higher end foods, there are a range of gourmet chocolate makers that make simple but elegant cupcakes, petit fours, and individual cakes with exotic ingredients that are perfect for wedding showers.

Vosges, a chocolate company based in Chicago, makes wedding shower favors consisting of exotic truffles in flavors like Hungarian paprika and dark chocolate, curry powder and chocolate, wasabi, ginger and chocolate, chipotle chili pepper and chocolate, and packages four truffles in a cute Asian take out style box.

Serving small sweets like the Vosges boxes not only gives shower guests an exotic treat but also gives them a unique party favor.  Brides that favor traditional wedding shower cakes can still offer unique candies, hot chocolates, and other treats as party favors in addition to serving a fun cake.